August 11, 2020
TikTok WeChat and Trade War – what does this all mean?

On Thursday 6th August, Donald Trump signed 2 executive orders directed at 2 of the largest Chinese apps. TikTok and WeChat. TikTok has over 100 million users in the USA, while WeChat is estimated to have roughly 1.5 million daily US users. These executive orders are attempting to ban these two apps under their current format by Sunday 20th September. This short read looks at why this is occurring as well as the differing methods that these orders could be carried out.

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August 4, 2020
Cookies and their future

Cookies have been at the heart of internet advertising for years. However, tides are turning, companies are trying to find alternative ways to advertise. eBay’s innovative release of cookie-less advertising in the EU is one of a series of innovations opening a door many thought was locked. This article looks to shed light on what cookies are along with providing insight on the future of internet advertising.

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July 24, 2020
Remote Conferencing and Collaboration Security

The workplace is changing, remote working and remote conferencing are the start of a revolution that is going to require some stringent cyber security to ensure your business is kept safe. Sam Mendis provides insight into some of the methods to ensure secure messaging and conferencing in your workplace.

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July 7, 2020
IoT and Cars? How close are we to interconnected roads?

IoT is a rapidly developing sector, with immense capacity to change the world around us. IoT in vehicles is one of the most exciting aspects of its development, from increasing safety to reducing energy consumption and traffic, IoT truly has the capability to transform the industry. Yet, the most important capability of all of this technology is the connectivity of the system. Is there currently a solution on the horizon to interconnect our cities?

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June 30, 2020
Ford and Vodafone, paving the way for the future?

Ford have jumped out as the first large UK manufacturers to have a Non-Public 5G Network installed at one of their plants. This is a significant step as Non-Public Networks are being hailed as the future of manufacturing technology. This article examines the reasons behind the decision and if there are similar examples worldwide.

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June 27, 2020
On Clouds, Telcos and Telco Clouds

The first half of 2020 has seen a spate of news about cloud services for Telcos. From AWS to HPE, each has had important announcements which is shaking up the industry. This article investigates the biggest announcements worldwide.

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June 17, 2020
Cloud outages, what does this mean?

After two large cloud outages in 2020, there is some fears that these companies that are storing our data may not be as invincible as we once thought.

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June 16, 2020
NHSX and COVID-19: May we have some privacy, please?!

The UK government has made repeated claims that new technology will be the key to defeating COVID-19 in the United Kingdom. Yet months into the pandemic nothing substantial has been implemented across the United Kingdom with experts citing privacy concerns as a main sticking point.

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June 14, 2020
Facebook and Amazon race to India

On 21/04/2020, Facebook Inc and Reliance Industries Limited reported on Facebook’s $5.7 billion investment in Jio Platforms. Less than two months later, on 04/06/2020, Reuters reported that Amazon is considering a $2 billion investment in India’s Bharti Airtel. This short article ponders on the rationale for these tech-giants’ race to India.

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June 8, 2020
Gaia-X: A Federated Data Infrastructure for Europe

On 04/06/2020, Gaia-X was officially launched, as a Franco-German cooperation, in a webinar held at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affair and Energy in Berlin. In this short article, Digiecon unveils some of the key aspects of the project.

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