July 7, 2020
IoT and Cars? How close are we to interconnected roads?

IoT is a rapidly developing sector, with immense capacity to change the world around us. IoT in vehicles is one of the most exciting aspects of its development, from increasing safety to reducing energy consumption and traffic, IoT truly has the capability to transform the industry. Yet, the most important capability of all of this technology is the connectivity of the system. Is there currently a solution on the horizon to interconnect our cities?

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July 2, 2020
IoT – is it ready for widespread implementation?

IoT is one of the largest growing markets with 5G rollout encouraging even more products to hit the market. However, questions still remain, is the security robust enough? Is legislation on IoT falling too far behind innovation? Looking at its weaknesses in the areas of safety, security and regulation, this article will investigate whether IoT is ready for its own future…

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