Smartphone Application Processors – a segment at the point of ebullition

The past couple of months saw more news about the smartphone AP segment than has been seem in a long while. This includes a dramatic moment for Huawei’s Kirin processor, having its production forcefully halted just when it has achieved number 2 position in global market share. It also includes the race to acquire ARM, the dominant multi-core CPU architecture used by smartphone APs. In this short article, Digiecon takes stock of the recent developments.

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Quantum computing – everything you need to know in 5 minutes

Quantum computing is slowly becoming a more viable source of computing. Google’s recent announcement of reaching the quantum supremacy made major headlines yet also shows how far away we really still are. This article will explore what quantum computing actually is, the potential fields that it will benefit and provide insight into how and when it may affect us all.

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TikTok WeChat and Trade War – what does this all mean?

On Thursday 6th August, Donald Trump signed 2 executive orders directed at 2 of the largest Chinese apps. TikTok and WeChat. TikTok has over 100 million users in the USA, while WeChat is estimated to have roughly 1.5 million daily US users. These executive orders are attempting to ban these two apps under their current format by Sunday 20th September. This short read looks at why this is occurring as well as the differing methods that these orders could be carried out.

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Blockchain, Bitcoin and where it will lead?

Thanks to the rise of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, blockchain is getting much of the publicity it so deserves. Alibaba’s Ant Group, who made Ant Chain (a low-cost Blockchain service network) is the most valuable unicorn ever showing the potential in blockchain technology. In this article Sam Mendis helps unpick the intricacies of blockchain technology, discussing some the benefits and flaws along with looking to the future to discover how this could be revolutionary in many different sectors.

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Cookies and their future

Cookies have been at the heart of internet advertising for years. However, tides are turning, companies are trying to find alternative ways to advertise. eBay’s innovative release of cookie-less advertising in the EU is one of a series of innovations opening a door many thought was locked. This article looks to shed light on what cookies are along with providing insight on the future of internet advertising.

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