Cookies and their future

Cookies have been at the heart of internet advertising for years. However, tides are turning, companies are trying to find alternative ways to advertise. eBay’s innovative release of cookie-less advertising in the EU is one of a series of innovations opening a door many thought was locked. This article looks to shed light on what cookies are along with providing insight on the future of internet advertising.

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China’s Artificial Intelligence Landscape

This report maps the status of the industry in the latter-half of 2020, exploring the impact of three years of strong central government support for the technology and the impact of broader trends such as the US-China trade-war. While there is undoubtedly significant hype around artificial intelligence in China, areas such as machine learning and computer vision continue to be the focus of investment and research as China develops the capabilities for a self-sufficient AI industry.

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Remote Conferencing and Collaboration Security

The workplace is changing, remote working and remote conferencing are the start of a revolution that is going to require some stringent cyber security to ensure your business is kept safe. Sam Mendis provides insight into some of the methods to ensure secure messaging and conferencing in your workplace.

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Decisions, decisions, decisions … How do digitally enabled companies cope with it?

Research by Twilio reveals that COVID-19 accelerated companies’ digital communications strategy by an average of 6 years while 97% of enterprise decision makers believe the pandemic sped up their company’s digital transformation. In this article, Rodrigo Barreto explores the role of data, analytics and Machine Learning based decisioning as enablers of end to end processes that are key to digital transformation.

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Working from home – the verdict is out

COVID-19 has caused major disruption to traditional workplaces worldwide. Homeworking coupled with increased use of 5G technology may hold the key to a completely alien future. This article investigates those claims as well as an exclusive interview with a Visa Country Manager who has been working from home from the beginning of the crisis.

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